My name is Alba Gomez and I’d like to share my story with you…

Growing up I always felt inadequate and my self-love and confidence were almost non-existent. I didn’t have the best relationship with my parents and was sometimes bullied at school for my funny looks (messy hair, thick glasses and braces).

When I turned 15 I discovered an amazing tool that helped me with my self-confidence: Make-up! It was as if once I put on my make-up and picked a great outfit, I allowed myself to feel more confident. You would even see me in full make-up and all dressed up for a 6 am class at Uni.

It was this lack of confidence that influenced me to choose the wrong men in my life and led me to live a less than fulfilled life. I graduated from university as an engineer and had a very successful career. Always great jobs with a great salary.

In 2004, I moved to Australia following a man. I never thought living in Australia was going to make me feel like an alien. I couldn’t speak the language, I didn’t have any friends, money or even a vague idea of who I was. Gradually, I built myself a little world I felt comfortable in and eventually ended up working as an engineer again. Not long after I found myself feeling as empty as before if not worse. My relationship with my now ex-husband was just getting worse and I felt I had hit rock bottom. I had lost interest in everything, including life.

From the outside, my life looked good and people thought I had it all. Living in a beautiful country, a husband, lots of holidays, the perfect job, more money than I could spend. Yet, deep inside I felt completely lost and didn’t feel any confidence in myself at all.

One day my ex-husband left me and that left me feeling like I had been hit by a bomb. I had been living my life for others, running my ex-husband's business, running the house, doing my job. I had been on auto-pilot for such a long time… Who is Alba? I remember asking myself. I literally could answer the question.

Finally one day, I made the decision that I was going to change my life. I was going to do whatever it took to be happy, to feel confident and to find out who I was. 
What seemed to be the worst situation in my life led to the most amazing transformation. I deepened my search… the same search I started when I was 16. I finally started understanding on a deeper level all of the things I had been studying for years. All the pain and the lessons I had experienced in my life up until then, had led me to start my business and run it the way I do now.

Today I live a beautiful life. I share it with my soul mate, Scotty. I feel very blessed that I have built a business that allows me to do lots of traveling and teach women from all over the world how to feel empowered, confident and authentic by creating an amazing personal brand for themselves. I am closer to my family than ever before and see them very often (They are in Colombia and I live in Australia). I have amazing and supportive friends around me and I truly have more in my life than I ever dreamt possible.

One of the most valuable lessons I learnt is how important it is to be connected and in tune with myself. I don’t look outside for answers anymore, I look within. I am more authentic and genuine than I have ever been. And the best thing is that I am OK with being imperfect. I am still learning how to love and appreciate who I am but I have come such a long way. And I have learnt so much! I am grateful because it is thanks to my own  unique journey that I was able to create the WOW NOW Personal Brand system. A system that takes you first on an inner journey and helps you communicate your true value to the world through your personal brand.

When you have defined your authentic and unique brand, it is absolutely possible for you to create an amazing life, where you are connected to yourself and to what is important to you. A life where you feel completely loved and you feel beautiful, inspired and confident. Not to mention, you have a flow of financial abundance doing what you love and living your true purpose on this planet! That is my passion!