Over 90 days, you’ll receive masterful mentorship with Alba developing, strategising and implementing your WOW NOW Personal Brand Plan. You will feel aligned with yourself and your brand, inspired and ready to live your life to the fullest.

Step by step coaching for women entrepreneurs and professionals who are ready to create unique brands and build six figure businesses

Available in person, via phone or Skype

We will evaluate your current brand following the WOW NOW Personal Brand system, then we will create your own WOW NOW Personal Brand.

We will create a powerful plan, systems and structures so you can immediately implement your new found WOW NOW Personal Brand





Who is this 90-day program for:

  • A professional woman who wants to be seen as more powerful and wants to be more influential
  • A woman who is thinking of starting her own business and wants to make sure she is aligned and clear before taking the big step
  • A woman entrepreneur who wants to stand out from the crowd and create a consistent cash flow
  • A woman who is highly motivated, an action taker and ready for some serious coaching

What we cover in the session:

  • Discover a deeper level of who you are and how that translates into your professional life
  • Assess your current personal and online brand
  • Creation of your own WOW NOW Personal brand
  • How to become visible and position yourself as the expert in your field
  • You get your personalised Style and Colour portfolio. You will know exactly how to dress for your gorgeous body shape. Learn what your best colours are for clothes, make-up, hair and accessories
  • Shift your money mindset
  • High level mentoring to overcome emotional blocks
  • Determine your life purpose
  • How to transform your limiting beliefs
  • Learn how to be more magnetic
  • How to use your body language to convey your message
  • How to be more credible and approachable and persuade everyone around you
  • How to create impact with your communication
  • How to be more charismatic
  • Create your ideal week and a 90-day plan

You will eliminate the stress of having to do it all on your own. You will walk away with a crystal clear brand and a business strategy based on your authentic self. You will feel aligned, focused and inspired to implement your 90-day plan and take your life and business to new heights. I will guide you through the whole process keeping you accountable and making sure you stay on track.

You will get all my systematic processes and we will create together your WOW NOW Personal Brand that will clearly communicate your value.

Plus you get all the templates and you will be able to use all these processes for the rest of your life! Priceless!

Bonus material:

  • Pre-work
  • 21 Day Style Transformation: manual and workbook
  • 7 Ways to WOW with your First Impressions e-book
  • 7 Day Style challeng: video series
  • Personalised Style and Colour Portfolio
  • Guide to easily detox your wardrobe
  • Shopping guide and shopping list
  • How to put outfits together guide
  • How to accessorise guide
  • Make-up tutorial
  • Money mindset manual

What to expect:

  • Before our Skype session, you will receive a welcome pack with all your pre-work. The pre-work is very comprehensive
  • We carry out your first session for HALF DAY where you will get laser focus on your specific goals for your brand and business
  • Your unique 90-day plan that you can start implementing immediately after our session
  • After the initial call you get 6 x 90 minutes sessions to deliver more information, support implementation and accountability
  • 90 days of unlimited email access for any questions and additional coaching
  • Access to the 7 pillar system workbook and video trainings.

Are you ready to learn how to manifest abundance in all areas of your life by re-defining your Personal Brand?

Are you ready to embrace who you truly are and feel empowered to live your life to the fullest?

I am absolutely passionate about providing you with inspiration, clarity and action steps to bring more success to your life.

the coaching program
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