Today on 'The outfit of the week' we are going to be answering Michelle's question. One of the gorgeous women in this community who submitted a topic for outfit of the week:

'What suggestions do you have for me as we go into Summer? I am carrying a few extra kgs at the moment and I am particularly uncomfortable with showing the tops of my upper arms , as the weather heats up it is going to be harder to disguise them'

Great question Michelle! I know many women who feel the same as you, so thanks a lot for asking this.

Dressing with Heavy Upper Arms: Alba Gomez

My first advice would be to stop over thinking the size of your arms. I am pretty sure you might be making it a bigger deal that it really is ;)

Let's start by being gentle with ourselves and appreciating our body as it is.

Once we have that covered, then it is all about learning how to disguise the top of your arms.

As summer is approaching - at least in the southern hemisphere it becomes a bit more of a challenge, I know. 

Opt for thin and flowy fabrics as a starting point. The top I am wearing here is super light and super comfortable for summer.

Having a loose sleeve in a bit of a batwing style is a perfect style for camouflaging the top of the arms.

Dressing with Heavy Upper Arms: Alba Gomez

Avoid sleeves that end horizontally on the widest part of your arms.

Avoid cap and puff sleeves that only make your arms look bigger.

Avoid halter necks, thin straps, or too fitted short sleeves.

Avoid high necklines as they will make the torso look wider.

Dressing with Heavy Upper Arms: Alba Gomez

Choose open V necklines, as they will slim your torso.

Wear angel sleeves, batwing styles with or without deep armholes, full sleeves ending in a cuff.

It is best if the sleeve ends close to the elbow or is  3/4 length

Wear necklaces that create a V and contrast with your top. It makes your torso look slimmer. (See photo above red top with necklace)

Note: All the photos are styles that will be great if you are looking to disguise your upper arms ;)

Check all the tops you own at the moment and make sure you have enough with a sleeve and neckline that will be flattering for your arms.

If you don't have many tops and necklaces that are going to work, create a list of styles and colours that you would like to get and go shopping!

Make sure you stick to the list and don't get sidetracked buying other things... ;) Creating a wardrobe you love starts with understanding what is missing from it and making a plan and a shopping list.

Happy outfit creating!