I hear from women all the time who are obsessed with knowing what their body shape is and the rules for dressing with it in mind.

If you have read magazine articles, consulted google or spent hours in front of the mirror trying to work it out, you are not alone!

I have done exactly the same in the past as well ;) And I know from my experience working with women for the last 7 years that a lot of us do it.

WOW NOW Personal Brand

Today I would like to share with you a simple truth - finding the clothes that work for you is about much more than a simple body shape.

Yes, we will get to that eventually, and we will even find out the perfect colour for your natural complexion. We will talk about makeup, hair and everything else that creates your image and style.

However 'mastering' your unique style and creating a sophisticated look is about much more than knowing what your body shape is.

My approach starts by helping you to understand who you actually are! I mean, under all the labels what is it that makes you YOU and unique.

Loving and appreciating the woman you are today, with your strengths and weaknesses. With all your experiences in life even the painful ones. And most important the focus needs to be on becoming happy and confident with how you look today!

Because it is only from this place that you are going to be comfortable and confident to share who you are to the world through your image and style.

Yes I am going to tell you what your body shape is, I will take you shopping and even help you put outfits together. But not before we do some 'other' work first.

For many years I worked as an image consultant and  I loved helping women create wardrobes they loved and buy outfits to create a stronger presence for their professional goals.

However, I always felt something was missing... I felt the impact I was meant to be having on others lives was meant to be more profound.

It was then that I actually delved deeper into who I am and what my real desire was. This was what I was really meant to do to help these women I loved working with so much... and suddenly I had a crystal clear answer!

It was the 'inner' piece I was missing. In the end, our image and style is another way to express who we are. 

For me personally, due to a huge lack of self love and confidence I was pushed to 'master' my image and learn everything I could to look 'good'.

However, for me the most important part, the one I was still missing was actually liking myself and who I was inside. And it has been my personal - and not always easy, journey that led me to develop the way I work today with my clients. 

Before we share who you are with the world through your personality, body language and image, I will take you on a journey where you get to know beyond doubt who you are and what you stand for.

I want you to feel so confident that you are excited to unapologetically share who you are with the world.

I want you to be able to look in the mirror and love the reflection you see, I want you to fall in love with you today again. And then and only then I want to share with you everything I know about creating your unique style and personal brand that you will love and will ensure the results you want in your life.

First Impressions Expert Alba Gomez

I want to stress that there is a science behind everything I do, especially creating your image. Creating the exact styles and colours that are perfect for you is a finely honed process. The tools I use in impression management and body language have been developed from a vast amount of evidence based research.

This is not about me telling you what I think you should be doing or wearing. This is actually me, educating you on many different sciences and together, creating your unique WOW NOW Personal Brand