Welcome to this week's outfit of the week!

We are talking about dressing up those jeans!


Women always ask me how to dress up jeans, so I am sharing more ideas today.

In the photos below, I am wearing the same top but with different jeans and shoes. In the second photo I am wearing black jeans and peep toe shoes making the outfit look less casual. 

I love jeans because they allow you to create so many different looks, from very casual to a nice smart outfit to go out.

Dressing up Jeans Alba Gomez
Dressing up Jeans Alba Gomez

I recommend straight leg to fitted jeans. They are flattering on all body shapes and are by far more sophisticated looking - in my personal opinion.

Pay special attention to the fit around the waist. Make sure it does not create a muffin top. Opt for mid - to high raise if you have a bit of extra skin around this area ;)

I love wearing dark denim jeans for 2 reasons; they are more dressy and they make you look slimmer ;)

I also love my black jeans. They are so versatile. I have them in a shiny fabric, solid fabric and this one with a bit of a ripped look.

I prefer mine to be skinny leg.

Dressing Up Jeans Alba Gomez


In both of the photos above I am wearing them with black tops but I also wear colours.

On the photo in the left, the contrasting colour of the belt creates a focal point around my waist.

If you have a rectangular shape - or not much waist I suggest you avoid belts.

Because the necklace has a neutral colour and I was wearing black I felt I needed to add some fun, by adding an extra colour with the belt.

On the photo in the right, my shoes create a low focal point - which can make me look bigger and shorter. Not my ideal. So I brought the focus higher by adding a gold and silver chunky necklace.

In both outfits I am wearing high heels. It's my personal preference. They make my outfit look more elegant. Also both necklaces add a more formal touch to the outfit.

I wore both outfits on a normal day at work to see clients and do some coffee catch ups.

First photos: Top: Kookai,  blue jeans: COL, black jeans: Zara.

Second photos. Right: Top: Portmans. Jeans: Gstar. Necklace: Lovisa. Shoes: Wittner. 

Left: Top: Live. Jeans: Studio F (COL). Necklace: Myer. Shoes: Bon bonite (COL)

* (COL) means they are a Colombian brand ;)

Have an amazing week!

Personal Branding Coach Alba Gomez