Did you know that growing up I struggled with a lack of confidence? I was bullied at school for my funny looks - that included messy hair, braces and the thickest glasses on the planet. 

I was 15 when I discovered an amazing tool that helped me with my self-confidence: Make-up! It was as if once I put on make-up and picked a great outfit, the confidence just oozed out and I was instantly more magnetic. 

During my teenage years, I became obsessed with my image. I wouldn't leave the house if I was not 'perfectly' made up. You would see me at class at 6 am at Uni looking as if I was going to a ball.

I learnt it was more than just a nice coloured lipstick though, there was a whole science behind what I experienced as a teenager.

I experienced the profound impact my appearance had on how I felt. So I started learning all I could about image, make-up, colours and style. All this while I was completing my degree as a Production Engineer.

Then, when I move to Australia 12 years ago, I started to explore the world of non-verbal communication and body language, and it led me finally to personal branding- as a whole concept that involved all the areas I was passionate about. 

I had ‘mastered’ the external component of personal branding. However, there was a big disconnect with my ‘self- image’. I knew everything I needed to make my external image great but I was still insecure and full of fears. 

Despite this great depth of knowledge, I was searching for one more piece of the puzzle. Even though I started this 'search' at a very early age, you would have seen me at 12 years old, reading Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer and others. 

It took me many years and a ton of more challenges, to rise like a Phoenixfrom the ashes, that is when I really found the missing piece of the puzzle: loving and appreciating myself for who I am.

It is because of all of my personal experiences that I was able to develop The WOW NOW system. And that is why I now understand completely why my life happened the way it did. 

I love working with women in all areas to help you re-connect to your essence, feel more confident and love who you are today before we start sharing your beautiful self with the world. All the pieces of the puzzle had finally come together and I now had the answers to feeling beautiful on the inside and out.

Re-connect with your Essence with Alba Gomez

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