This week on 'The outfit of the week' we are going to talk about leggings.

I personally love wearing leggings. They are super comfortable and super easy to dress up and down.

The key to wearing leggings and looking great, is to wear them at the right length and with the right top/dress. Even if you are in your 20's, you do not wear leggings as if they were jeans, because they are not

In this outfit I am simply wearing a pair of leggings with a flowy long dress. 

Since the dress is very loose and flowy, I chose a fabric that is very soft and thin. Wearing a dress with a thick fabric can make you look bigger.

I am wearing a top under the dress with some detail to add some excitement to the outfit.

I also decided to add a couple of very fine necklaces. But please notice the necklace is in some sort of competition with the detail in the top. I had to choose something very delicate otherwise it would have looked too busy.

The necklace has some aquamarine stones so I decided to wear an eyeliner of the same colour. Also blue-greens are my eye intensifier colour, so it works really good with my brown eyes.

Simple rules to remember:
1. Leggings are not jeans
2. Make sure you cover your bum
3. The slimmer you are the more fitted the top/dress you wear can be
4. They can be used to create very casual outfits or more dressy outfits

I wore this outfit to run a full day workshop, and have also worn it to go out for drinks.


I am wearing: Dress: Zara, Leggings: Intimo, Top: Bardot, Necklaces: no idea, earrings: somewhere in Santorini, Shoes: Michael Kors, Ring: Somewhere in Miami airport.