For some women putting themselves out there and feeling visible doesn’t feel that comfortable.

Do you ever feel bad because you are proud of what you have or because of your desires? Do you feel you will be judged by your friends, family or clients? Does standing out not feel safe because then you will be critiqued and people will talk about you?

That feeling is often directly related to a fear of criticism. We are focusing all our energies on what people think of us and worrying about what they are going to say

But what if you worried less about what people think and stopped living your life for others?

What if we brought all that attention to you, to how you see yourself and how you treat yourself instead of wasting so much energy on what others might ...or might not say about us?

I am all for being authentic. You have to be who you are, fully, unapologetically, and from that place, you will connect with the people that are meant to be in your life.

Growing up I had a huge lack of self-confidence. But many years ago I decided to be more me and worry less about what people will think. I don’t mean being disrespectful or anything like that.

But in my day to day decisions I always check in with my own self and act in line with that. And let me tell you I am much happier since then.

For me, it’s all about feeling comfortable being who you are AND sharing that with the world.

Don’t be afraid of being different, imperfect or standing out. All that you have lived through - the good and the bad, your strengths and weaknesses make you UNIQUE and special.

Being visible is the way to attract more clients or promotions, more opportunities, better relationships and bring into your life more of the really good things. 

So I would like to make an invitation to you. 

Give yourself permission to be YOU and not be worried about what people will think of you, at least for a week. To stand out and to stand up for your desires, dreams and whatever you want from life. 

Allow yourself to live a fuller life, a more abundant life and focus on what you want and not what others are going to say about you. 

It is from this place of high vibration that you will receive all you desire. You might just love the feeling and do it more often ;) 

To being more visible!

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