I realised a few weeks ago that it had been 12 years since I arrived in Australia!

OMG 12 years already... but at the same time, it feels as if I have lived through 20 years.

I left my amazing Colombia, my family, my friends, a great job and all my material possessions to venture into an unknown country, where I couldn't even speak the language.

I left for the dream of true love and a new exciting beginning.

Well, well…it has been quite the experience!!! So much has happened that I am sure I am forgetting some of it….

I created a new life in a country from absolutely nothing, I got married, bought my first house, worked as an engineer, got divorced, made new friends, lost a few, completely lost who I was, cried, cried a bit more, and much more, I came back ‘from the ashes’, found my passion, left my corporate career, started a new business, re-framed my business, worked with lots of mentors, learnt a LOT about me, grew professionally, became an author, a public speaker, a coach, travelled the world, reconciled with the past, created real relationships with my family members, saw my family at least twice a year, worked in different parts of the world, followed my dreams, believed in me for the first time, got my heart broken a few times, found my soul mate, got engaged to the most amazing guy on the whole planet… about to get married the way I always dreamt of and many more things.

Today I look at myself with love and appreciation, for the woman I am, not perfect, but me, with much more to learn, passionate to the brim, loud and too much for some.

A woman on a constant search for growth, for love, for connection. Inspired to make a difference in people’s lives. Very different to who I was 12 years ago, much better!! Fully grateful for all I’ve lived, the good and the not so great because thanks to all that I am uniquely ME!