Following last week's outfit of the week, today we are going to talk about how to dress professionally during summer.

It is really important to understand that the clothes we wear have the power to not only affect how confident we see ourselves but also how others perceive us.

Dresses are again one of my favourite options for a more professional look. They are an easy option but also look amazing.

In the photo I am wearing a dress with a pattern. I am not usually a pattern lover. Probably more so because I love accessorising, so when I wear plain colours I get to wear necklaces. 

Professional Summer Outfits

A few things to remember when wearing patterns: It can make you look bigger, especially when it's a colourful and big pattern.

A pattern has the potential to take credibility away from you. Especially if it is a flowery one in very soft colours.

The dress I am wearing has an abstract pattern but is very feminine. I wouldn't wear this dress if I needed to command authority and credibility.

I wore it for a photoshoot where I wanted to create a feeling of me being approachable and fun.

Professional Summer Dresses

A pattern will look better on you when it is in balance with your bone structure. That means that if you have small bones you will look better wearing small patterns. If you have a medium bone structure, you can get away with all pattern sizes and if you have big bones, bigger patterns are best for you.

Now going back to dresses. Skirts work the same way. In the end a dress is a top and a skirt together. Wearing semifitted outfits is always an appropriate fit to wear. It looks more professional and credible. Semifitted means you can see the shape of the body, without being completely fitted. Like the jacket on the left. For skirts semifitted means a straight line style.  Knee length is the more professional length to wear.

For summer you can wear short sleeve jackets or long sleeves in a very light fabric. Also, shirts and blouses that have a structured fit will do the work.

Everything that mimics a male's suit will always look more professional. However I am not saying wear a black and white outfit and lose complete femininity, NO!

You will look credible and command authority if you know how to balance the styles you wear with the right colour and accessories.

And even though black is the more credible colour, the style of what you wear is what is going to determine the impression your outfits create.

Look at the images below. 3 Black dresses. The loose and flowy dress on the left is the most feminine and the one on the right with the more fitted with streamlines looks the most professional and credible.

Dressing Professionally in Summer

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