It’s amazing how simple it is to create the life and business of your dreams when you have a very clear end goal in your mind and you take action every day towards that goal. The key to this is creating an impact everywhere you go and being remembered.  It’s easy to break it down into 3 tips:

  1. Act with confidence. Even if you don’t feel as confident, act as if you were. Take a deep breath, visualize yourself in a situation where you were very confident, take yourself to that moment and bring that emotion to the present. Stand tall and see how that little change creates a massive difference to the way you feel every day.

  2. Always overdress. You need to at least meet the expectations of the people you are meeting with. You are never too dressed up for a meeting. You can always dress down an outfit but you will never be able to transform shorts and t-shirt to a suit. Be aware of the colour and contrast you are wearing. remember high contrast is power dressing (red and black). Power-dressing might make other people feel inferior, medium contrast is the most people friendly contrast, and low or no contrast is the most sophisticated but also the one that might get you to be unnoticed

  3. Smile, from the heart, create rapport, get interested in people and who they are and what they stand for. Create an unforgettable experience with the people you meet with by being genuine, being you and sharing who you are.