I am so excited to be in Hawaii! I've been dreaming of visiting Hawaii since I was younger. And even though it would have been much easier and closer to visit while I was living in Colombia, I never did it. I did not really travel much until I moved to Australia. Maybe around 10 years ago I made it a  priority to travel more, as much as I could. In fact, travelling ranks quite high on my 10 top values. When I first decided that I was going to start travelling more, I did not question where the time or money was going to come from or even how I was going to fit it with my lifestyle - I was working full time as an engineer and had maximum 3 weeks a year of holidays.

All I knew was that I loved and wanted to travel a lot! I wanted to see the world, different countries, places, experience different cultures. meet different people, see different landscapes.

I made a decision. A decision that excited me a lot. And I even dared to think that I could possibly one day have enough freedom to spend 3 months of the year on holidays travelling... and it's happening already.

I also thought how awesome would be if I could have my own business and travel the world for work and leisure at the same time. This dream is about to become a reality as in 2016 I will be travelling and working with clients while I travel around the world. I can not believe this is happening!!!

I am now more convinced than ever before that all it takes to make your dreams a reality is have true desires and take action to make them happen. 


I would love to share my top 5 steps to manifesting your desires:

1. Get clear on your desires. I mean crystal clear: why, what is the purpose and by when do you want your desire to become a reality.

2. Forget about the HOW. Believe it will happen and have faith. I would say the most important step. Do not get stuck on the how. Focus more on the why. Get excited with it.

3. Create a vision board and affirmations that support your dream being a reality. Not only fun, but it will keep reminding you of how great it will feel when you get your desire.

4. Speak about nothing other than what is aligned with your desire being a reality.

5. Only ask questions about how it can happen. To God, the universe, or any higher force you believe in.