Choosing the right makeup can make a huge impact on your image, your face is often the first thing people will notice about you. One of the most important things to consider is your skin, it is the base upon which good makeup is built!

Keeping your skin hydrated is such an important ritual and it is the first step to looking younger and fresher.  A great way to make this a part of your everyday routine is to simply spray some water on your face (lavender or rose water are great) then apply a small amount of oil (I love jojoba oil) and finish with your preferred day moisturiser.  I find this works so well on both oily and dry skin. You will be amazed at how great your skin will look after only a few days from this simple step and it is a beautiful way to do something special for yourself each morning.

You can keep building on the good base we started, with hydrating the skin by great makeup selection and application. You want your makeup to create a fresh, flawless look. The amount of make-up you apply is entirely up to you however, there are some basics that will always apply:

Foundation: If you are going to be using foundation make sure the shade is the perfect match for your skin colour. Try it on your face but do not apply it on your neck. If you have dark circles or bags then using a concealer is a great idea, it will make you look instantly younger. I love the Lancôme concealer but there are lots of great options on the market.

Eyeliner: Eyeliner is the single most effective way to enhance your eyes. Simply apply eyeliner above the top lashes in a thin line. When choosing a colour look for one that is similar or contrasts to your eye colour. (For blue eyes: blue and brick colours, for green eyes: green and violets, for brown/black: brown and blue-greens)

Eye Shadow: When choosing an eye shadow stay away from shimmery shades, they will make wrinkles much more obvious. It’s best to stick to matte shades for a youthful look. Applying a neutral shade all over the eyelid will also help your eyes look more open.

Eyelashes: It is easy to make yourself look instantly younger by simply curling your eyelashes. Your eyes will look more open and it will give you a fresher look. Always curl your eyelashes before applying the mascara. If you are only going to choose 1 type of makeup I would say mascara would win for me, hands down every time!

Blush: In my opinion blush would have to be the easiest way to bring life to your face. Pick the colour carefully, though it needs to be suited to your complexion whether that be cool or warm.  Stick to light shades as dark ones will only make you look older.

Lips. There is an easy rule to remember - lip glosses make the lips look thicker, lipsticks add colour to your face. Remember again dark shades will make you look older. Lighter to medium shades gives you a fresher look so opt for those when choosing a lip colour.

My last tip to you is choosing whether you want to enhance your eyes or your lips. If you try to do both it will appear too heavy so settle on just one.

Have fun with your makeup!

Alba x