Maybe it is the change in season, perhaps you are just sick of having to dig through your wardrobe for a great outfit or you just need to update. Whatever the reason I have an easy system for you to follow that will leave you with a fantastic wardrobe.

  1. If you have the upcoming season’s clothes stored away now is the time to get them out too.

  2. Next, go through your entire wardrobe in detail; discover the gems hidden at the back of it that you have forgotten existed. Check absolutely every single space in your wardrobe. Sort all the contents by clothing types: pants, jeans, tops, etc and do the same with shoes, accessories and bags

  3. Now comes the purge. This step might be a bit difficult so please allow at least a couple of hours (or a bottle of wine) so you can finish it all at once. Be gentle with yourself but know that you can’t even think about adding anything new until you clear out the old.

Create 5 piles of clothing:

  • to keep

  • for charity

  • to be altered

  • to be stored

  • to get rid of

  1. Decide what are you going to keep in your wardrobe or wardrobes ;) and what you need to store in a different place for the next seasons. Understand your space limitations and find ways to organise your clothing so you can save some space and have easy access to all the garments you decide to keep for this season.

  2. Put away all the clothing from past seasons that you decided to keep and take it away for your wardrobe. Look for creative ways of using space underneath the beds or on top of your wardrobes.

  3.  Finally, you get to go shopping!  After hanging, organising, giving away, and tossing a few things, it’s time to do a list of the items you have already identify that are missing from your wardrobe. In my case, I’ve come to the conclusion that what I really need are some good accessories. accessories can add a new look and feel to an outfit. You can dress up or down an outfit in seconds.

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