These easy tips will help you to create a powerful image and lead to opportunities in all areas of your life.  

1. Dress in a way that makes your role credible
The first step in gaining a credible professional image is realising that we can control the opinion of others, specially concerning what they think we are capable of. Isn’t that an empowering idea? Everyday, dress and act in a way that gives others a great experience of you. Dress for where you want to be not where you are.

2. Dress for your body shape
Understanding your body shape is going to help you save time and money when it comes to shopping. Wearing clothes that complement your body shape is also going to make you look amazing.

3. Find out which colours enhance your complexion
You have your own unique combination of complexion, skin, hair and eye colour that will determine which colours make you look healthy, more competent, younger and more energetic.

4. Understand the silent signals of the dress code
The way we dress sends silent signals to our audience. They will make assumptions on our profession, level within the company, even your socioeconomic background very quickly. As an example, solid colours would portrait more power that a patterned suit. A shirt without pockets makes you appear more powerful than one with pockets. The price of our clothes is not as relevant as a perfect fit.  

5.  Your extended image
Your work area is a direct reflection on you. Even if no one else sees it, it sets the tone for your attitude about your work. If it is unkempt and disorganised, you will feel the same and people will assume you are too. Keep in mind the perfect condition of things such as your briefcase if you have one, your shoes, your watch and your car 

6. Personal hygiene
It is obvious but don’t forget about your hair, nails, skin, teeth/breath. It’s a great idea to keep mints, hairbrush, nail file and other personal grooming items in your handbag or desk draw for last minute touch ups.