Creating the life of your dreams is both easy and difficult. It is easy if you know it requires clear goals, a powerful image and taking action every day. I would never have been able to transform my life from Engineer to Personal Brand Expert without these three key strategies.

I want to talk to you about creating an impact everywhere you go so you will be remembered for all the right reasons. Here are the top 3 things to remember when creating an impact:

Act with Confidence. Even if you don’t feel confident in a situation, you need to fake it till you do. Take a deep breath, visualise yourself in a situation where you were very confident, take yourself to that moment and bring that emotion to the present. Stand tall and see how that little change creates a massive difference to the way you feel.

Always overdress. You can never be too dressed up for a meeting. You can always dress down an outfit but you will never be able to transform shorts and t-shirt to formal wear. Pay special attention not just to colour but also, contrast in your outfits. Remember high contrast is power-dressing (red and black). Power-dressing may sound awesome but it might make other people feel inferior, medium contrast is the most people- friendly contrast, and low or no contrast is the most sophisticated but also the one that might leave you unnoticed.

Smile. A warm, genuine smile helps create rapport with people. Create an unforgettable experience with the people you meet by being genuine and sharing who you are. Remember it is important to be interested in other people’s stories and experiences and practice active listening.