It's March already, can you believe it?

 It is the perfect time to look at your wardrobe and create one that is inspiring and filled with easy to put together outfits. If you haven’t already started a new year cull, it’s a great time to get rid of the clothes that are just taking up valuable space.

 Would you like your wardrobe to be a source of inspiration and fun? To get rid of the frustration and disappointment of trying to choose an outfit?


The first hour of your day sets the tone for rest of the day. If you are staring at your wardrobe not loving what you see it is not going to create a happy and harmonious beginning.

 Here are my suggestions about what you must get rid of:

 The pants that don’t fit. Ok I know this is a hard one but breathe…you have gone up a size, let’s accept it and move on. I just got rid of 3 pairs I have been keeping in the hope I’ll go down a size. No Alba, it’s not happening, out they go!

 The top you haven’t worn in 2 years or even longer but cost you a fortune so you insist on keeping it. It isn’t paying rent, it is only taking up space that something fabulous could live in.

 The work bag you should have replaced 6 months ago. Once it is gone now you really have a reason to replace it.

 The stained t-shirt that is only white in your distant memories, it’s now so old and used you would never dream of wearing it and if you did, it definitely doesn’t make you feel beautiful.

 The black pants that have faded to grey, you swear they are still black until you put them next to that new black jacket.

 The uncomfortable and unused earrings. Maybe they are too heavy and hurt your earlobes or perhaps you are valiantly holding out hope that its missing partner will turn up (it won’t just quietly).  I am so guilty of this one, I have quite an irrational attachment to jewellery.

The heels so high you can’t even make it from the car to the door. If you have met me you know that heels are my weakness, I will put my hand up as a serial offender here. 

That poor lonely sock, again in the hope that one day its friend will return. It’s time to go and do yourself a favour and only ever buy plain, identical socks so they are interchangeable with each other and you no longer have to pair them up.

Once you get rid of the old, the unusable and the lonely you will be able to see clearly what is in your wardrobe that you can actually wear.

The missing basics, the gaps, the orphans that need a friend to be able to make an outfit are now staring you right in the face and you have space to buy and store what is missing. 

Sounds simple? It is and I can assure you it will make a big difference to how you can start putting outfits together every morning and the flow on effect into your day.

Please promise me you are going to schedule some time to look at your wardrobe this week ;)  

You are going to thank me for it. 

Have fun!

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