I am now on my way to Los Angeles to join one of my live events for my coaching certification program. This is such an amazing opportunity for me and I am more excited than at a shoe sale! For 4 days I am going to be in the same room with my awesome coach, Gina Devee and a group of like minded women who have been already a great support and inspiration during the last 6 months for me.

I love being surrounded by a group of beautiful women! I love empowering women and learning from women as well. On Sunday we will have a soirée with a 'Nautical'  theme as an opening event for our training. There was one thing that really shocked me. The panic of lots of the women in our group (I am talking over 250 women) when deciding what to wear for that event. Listening to the conversations that were happening it really brought home to me why I do what I do.

So much of the focus was on how they did not lose the weight they wanted, how they didn't get a suntan on time, didn't have their teeth whitened and the biggest worry of all, "what am I going to wear, I hate shopping!"

I shared some tips with the group that I share on my half day workshop, I knew it would make an instant difference to their mindset. As I always say your image is an expression of who you are. The process of sharing your beauty with the world should be fun! It is so counter productive to be panicking and focusing what you find undesirable, like those extra few kilos.



We, (I include myself here too) need to start loving and appreciating the beautiful beings we are now. Appreciate how we look and make the most of how we present ourselves to the world. Getting dressed in the morning is like talking, it's a form of expression. Imagine a whole day without saying a single word. How much would you be missing out if you were not communicating with people?

When we put some effort into what we wear it help us feel awesome, we can feel more confident and definitely look more beautiful. Every woman can, and should look and feel attractive today. Not tomorrow when you lose the weight or in a week when you get your hair done. Right now! Today, embrace who you are and how you look and have fun with it.

Out of the group that is going to LA with me I decided to help a couple of women who I could see were really really struggling with what they were going to wear. I can not stand the thought of a woman not wanting to go out or feeling uncomfortable or insecure because she doesn't know what to wear.


And you know what is the most important revelation? It's not only about colours and styles, how to accessorise and how to use makeup. The most important part was helping them see their beauty, their uniqueness and changing their attitude about themselves. If you are not seeing yourself in all your beauty then no clothes, makeup or hair style are ever going to help you feel good.

So today my invitation to you is to spend some time appreciating all the beautiful things in you. Choose 3 things you really like about yourself. It can be anything, your smile, your legs, your hair. And think how many things would change if you were giving yourself more love instead of spending so much time being unhappy with how you look.

Sending you all my love