I have seen so many beautiful women through my image consultancy in the last few years. I have always admired the power, amazing nature, strength and abilities of women, however, it never stops surprising me how hard we are on ourselves.

I see women of all sizes, colours, backgrounds, heights and not matter how beautiful they are I have not talked to one who can tell me how great, good looking, gorgeous, beautiful they truly are. I see a million beautiful things about all of them, but they all give me a list of the flaws they see or even worse they look in the mirror and don’t see the pretty amazing woman that is reflected in the mirror. Sometimes they feel ashamed, embarrassed or cannot even look at their image in the mirror

I have been guilty of being hard on myself, let’s accept it, we all are. I can so easily see all the things that are ‘not perfect’ in my body and face. I can complain about my lack of this or that with my personality and abilities, but having the opportunity to share my days with amazing women who don’t stop feeling ashamed, shy, insecure and sad about their looks and who they are puts everything into perspective. where do we get these crazy ideas from? What are we gaining from spending so much energy in seeing what is not ‘perfect’

Guys are not as hard on themselves; they don’t have any problem telling me their strengths, attractiveness and intelligence. But I have not heard one gorgeous woman telling me how pretty her eyes are, praising herself for all her achievements, how well she does as a mum or wife, as a friend or sister, as a business owner, employee, girlfriend, daughter ….never

I just feel like shaking them and getting into their brain to go and delete all those beliefs and change them so they can look in the mirror and appreciate all the beautiful things they are and they have. I get to see so much beauty around me, in every person, I come in contact with. I am pretty sure you do too, but when was the last time you said to yourself: hey you look damn great today! or I am so proud of you for what you did today!

Would you accept my challenge and spend few minutes looking in the mirror and finding all those beautiful things you do have, it can be your eyes, your mouth, your hair, your waist line,  a sexy bum, your beautiful curves, your long legs, anything….please do it! Take off the very critical glasses you have been wearing and be objective.

If you are a man your challenge is to help any woman in your life to see their real beauty.

Let’s be real you have many many beautiful attributes. stop looking for a second at what is not ‘perfect’ and concentrate on the beautiful things you have you are and how you can enhance them.

I love getting people to look at themselves in a different light, where they accept that they are just perfect the way there areand that just by tweaking a few things here and there they can create an amazing image with which they can finally allow themselves to see their real beauty.