If you want to travel light you need to be minimalistic. It is the time to focus on your neutral coloured clothes, like solid or two-tone black, white, dark blue, nudes, cream and grey, which are much easier to combine into different outfits.

You could mix and match all the pieces showed in the picture below: pick tops that you could use with all the bottoms and vice versa. The jacket and the coat could be also worn with all the possible combinations. A belt looks chic when worn around the waist of a dress, a tunic shirt or top. One or two belts should be enough. Take two different colours to completely change the looks.

 Make sure that the shoes and bags you pack will go with every outfit. A pair of sunglasses is also a must.

Accessories like a scarf and belt can lighten up your neutral-based clothes in an instant. Scarves can be worn multiple ways (as a belt, head scarf, shawl, etc.) and should be your main accessory go to as it injects some colour and can easily be a substitute for jewellery (like necklaces) that are a hassle to carry.

Shoes are bulky and can take up a lot of space, so I would suggest that you limit it to one pair of high heels (for special occasions) and a pair of good walking shoes and perhaps a pair of comfy flat shoes.

Wear your bulkiest items for the flight, this includes the shoes (sneakers or boots), jeans, jacket topped with a scarf. Have fun packing and enjoy your trip!