Looking stylish is something that is so important to us as women, throughout our whole lives. One of the challenges we face, as women is choosing a style that suits our personality and body type as we age.

We all know that the styles that suited us 10 years ago just don’t have the same impact now. Often the outfits that used to bring joy to our lives no longer look good or suit us as we get older. Very quickly this can lead to a lack of confidence which in turn breeds a lack of inspiration and suddenly expressing our style becomes a chore instead of something we enjoy.

The great news is it so easy to get back your style mojo with just a couple of tricks and secrets! Here are some simple things you can start doing right now with what you already have:

Detox your wardrobe: Start with your existing outfits. By getting to know what is actually hiding inside your wardrobe you can find great items that you can start to incorporate into your new look. Firstly anything that no longer fits you can go. Next, you need to look at which outfits still make you feel happy, beautiful and sexy? All the clothes that don’t create those good feelings for you no longer have a place in your wardrobe!

Build your basics: Think about what you discovered in your current collection, do you have the basics?  At the very least you will need: trousers with tapered leg (black), straight- knee length skirt (neutral colour), blouses/tops (black, white plus another 3 colours), shoes (black and nude), 2 jackets (black plus one alternative colour) and a dress (neutral colour). If you don’t have your basics in place it is going to be almost impossible to create great outfits.


The super important fit: The best fit is neither too loose nor too tight. When choosing a fit it is important that you are comfortable (both seated and standing) as well as looking great. The best choice is always to go with semi-fitted styles, they are your best friend.

Forget too short or too low: When considering necklines and hemlines avoid very low cuts or short lengths. A couple of centimetres above the cleavage and knee length will always be appropriate and you will feel more comfortable and confident.

Accessories: When choosing accessories opt for bolder, bigger styles and try to choose one statement piece. Stick with items you love that express your individual style.

Don’t be afraid of colour: Colour is a great way to express your style but keep in mind that we tend to cool down as we age. This means ‘cool’ (blue based colours) will look best on you. You will also notice the very bright colours that used to work before now tend to be a bit overwhelming. It’s best when deciding on the brightness of an outfit to opt for more subdued tones.


The most important piece of advice I could leave you with is to love your body, embrace your shape and dress for it.

If you truly understand your body shape and are aware of the style of clothes that work for your beautiful body as it is today, you will always look classy and stylish as well as feel fantastic. Remember, we all have a beautiful body! Knowing how to enhance our best assets and camouflage the parts that you don’t like as much will make dressing for your shape and age a joy once again. 

Alba xx