Smile and the world smiles back! Give it a try, it works because it is almost impossible not to return a smile. We are programmed to imitate each other's behaviour.

A smile is one of the most important business tools you have, and the one most people frequently forget to use. The busyness of business and life often leave us reflecting the anxiety on our face.

We need to consciously remind ourselves to 'lighten up' and I am not talking about a fake, forced smile on your face. Instead, a sincere, happy relaxed smile that can lift the spirits of all the people you are with is the key.

By smiling you feel better, you can't help it but your posture will be fixed immediately.  As a result, you will portray a confident and powerful impression, it’s a powerful tool for creating a strong, positive impression.

A first impression is the first step in creating a human connection that includes everyone around you. It will influence whether you land or lose a contract, get hired or overlooked for a job, and diffuse or increase conflict.

I have an invitation for you, notice what happens when you smile at people. Do it for the whole week. Smile at as many people as you can. Be aware of your posture and notice what expression you have on your face when you walk into a room, a meeting, home, or when you talk to a client. and most importantly, notice how people react when you greet them with a happy genuine smile on your face. Enjoy and don’t forget to Smile!