I am the first to put my hand on for a shopping trip, I love shopping but for some of us I understand that it can be a challenge. Even the most experienced shoppers will make mistakes that can be frustrating and costly. So I have put together some strategies that will help you to have a more successful trip to the shops: Be clear on the items you want to buy and the money you are willing to spend. This will ensure you go home with fantastic purchases rather than items that are just going to end up at the op shop!

  1. For women, it is important that dress comfortably. Well-fitting foundation garments will ensure you able to get the perfect fit in the change room and won’t leave you wondering – will this work with better underwear? Comfortable shoes are a must! Make sure you are wearing something that is easy to put on and off and will keep you going from one end of the mall to the other.

  2. Are you considering that trend item that will go out of fashion quickly? Spending lots of money on a very fashionable item that might look a bit outdated in few months is not a great idea. Use your money wisely on the basics which you will be able to wear over and over again.

  3. Buy the best quality wardrobe foundation garments you can afford, including coats and shoes. Again these items are going to be worn a lot so it’s sensible to get good quality ones.

  4. Keep impulse shopping to a minimum otherwise, you will end up with a lot of ‘orphans’ that don’t go with anything else in your wardrobe. Think for a second before buying an item - Do I have at least three pieces of clothing I can wear this with?

  5. Always buy clothing in the right size. I know it is tempting after all, you do have that gym membership but buying what fits you now is a much better use of your dollar. On the flip side if something just needs a small alteration like a hem don’t be quick to reject it, especially if you can take it straight to the dressmaker at the shopping centre.

  6. Create an accessory wardrobe to vary the look of your clothes. Accessories can completely change the feeling of an outfit in an instant and make the same outfit look totally different for different occasions.

8.Never shop last minute for an important or expensive garment. Create a plan of how you want to look and how much you want to spend and then give yourself the luxury of time to ensure you look great.

9. Consider the price beyond the price tag. If you can't afford to dry clean the garment pass it by.

10. If you are in doubt when you try the garment on then don’t buy it. There are too many options on the rack and you are too important to settle for ok, choose only those clothes that WOW you.

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