Using this simple, yet powerful process, I have been able to reach so many goals, little and big.

Are you going to give it a try? I am sure you will!

Just after I write this, I will be somewhere in the sky flying to my amazing Medellin in Colombia. I am so excited to be spending the next 6 and a half weeks there. So many great things are happening: my best friend is getting married, another close friend (friends since kindergarten) is coming to Medellin to visit. I am going to have over a month to spend with my close friends and family while I enjoy the amazing atmosphere of my hometown during December. And my gorgeous man joins me at the beginning of January. I feel very blessed.

We are a Catholic country, so Christmas is a big deal for us. A bit of praying, a lot of family time and huge amounts of fun. The best time of the year to visit Colombia.

Today I wanted to share with you, my reflection about a very important topic. I was in my car last week listening to the radio and I heard one of the girls from a radio station talking about being accused of being vain.

Watch this video for the story.


As women, we are great givers - giving to everyone, but not so great at giving to ourselves. Self-care is so important. Wanting to look good is the best way to help you feel good. And I was reminded of this recently.

As I am preparing to go to my hometown where image is a bit too important, I started to get a bit anxious. (Note: I am the only bridesmaid at my best friend's wedding) After a bit of panic worrying about wanting to look great, I started spending more time on me (forcing myself to eat better and do more exercise, having facials, exfoliating my body, having a haircut and retouching my colour...).

I noticed straight away how I started feeling so much better, more confident within my own skin, happier. Self-care = self-love and what can be more important than loving yourself.

So I would love you to plan now the next hour, a day or even a weekend where you are going to do things that help you connect to your feminine self. You can decide to go to a spa or do it at home. Whatever the case, I am sure you are going to love it.