Your window of time for a first impression is about thirty seconds, that is the amount of time it takes someone at first meeting to create a judgement about you. It is partly your physical appearance but much more encompasses this swift judgement.

It is like taking a photo and telling a story from it, what story would your image tell? Does it reflect you truthfully or are you hiding your true self?

The components of your Image make up a complete picture for your audience. The first of these is your attitude which will flow through into your facial expressions, your body language, your tone of voice and your movements. It is the basis for how you present to the world so start with your thoughts.

When you are meeting someone in person the first chance they get to form an impression is through your appearance. Appearances send a message louder than words and create the foundation of your image. Appearance is a combination of your attire, your shoes, your hair and grooming as well as your posture and the overall look of confidence you project. You must have a solid foundation that is consistent with your Personal Brand in order for your words and beliefs to be clearly heard and accepted.

Pay particular attention to:

  • Shoes (shined or polished)

  • Ensure clothes are neatly presented and fitted correctly as well as appropriate for your specific body shape.

  • Wear colours that enhance your natural complexion and make you look healthy and energetic.

    Remember, appearances send a message louder than words and create the foundations of your image.


Body language can create an impression before you even open your mouth. Eye contact, your body movements, positions and hand gestures say much more than words. Be aware of your body language being consistent with your message or you might contradict what you are saying and confuse the person who is listening.

Clarity and Honesty in the words you speak are vital to creating the right impression. Speak from the heart and always be truthful, confidence will come from being authentic. Have you ever spoken to someone and immediately trusted them explicitly? That’s what happens when we speak with clarity and honesty.

Once you align all these components in your Image you will find that your message is conveyed more effectively and understood more readily.