When I speak to women, especially in Australia I notice very few of us see standing out in a crowd and being noticeable as a positive thing.

How do you feel when you experience joy in your successes or when you desire things? Do you feel you will be judged by your friends, family or clients? Do you feel a sense of guilt for wanting more for yourself?

How does it feel when you stand out in the crowd? Do you feel like you will be critiqued and people will talk in a negative way about you?

That feeling can be directly related to a fear of criticism. It reflects a belief that you are not good enough or deserving enough to have all those wonderful things.

Stop for a moment and think, what would happen if you worried less about what people think and stopped living your life for others?

I am all for being your authentic self. It is important to be connecting with and working with the people who like you for your authentic self and the people who you can be real with.

When I was growing up I had a huge lack of self-confidence, to this day I still struggle with this sometimes, but I have also decided to be more me and worry less about what people will think. This doesn’t mean that I am disrespectful or uncaring. It is just reflected in my day to day decisions, where I will always check in with my own self, with my core values and then act in a way that is consistent with that.

It is so important to know who you are, feel comfortable expressing that and then reflect that true self to the world. I want you to be free to stand out! When it is for the right reasons, like honouring yourself, standing out is a magnificent thing. It is the best way you can attract positive changes, new opportunities and better relationships in your life.

Today I would like to offer you an opportunity. For the next week, give yourself permission to be YOU and stop making decisions based on what other people might think of you. For that week allow yourself to stand out and to stand up for your desires, dreams and goals. Open the doorway to living a fuller life, a more abundant life and make what you want your primary focus.

From this place of high energy and vibration you create the place to receive all of your desires. You might even find you love the feeling and do it more often ;)