I am sure the answer to that question is YES!!! 

The great news is that all women can look and feel fabulous. The key is to know which styles and colours and accessories suit your proportions and enhance your best features. Your clothes communicate so much about you and by getting the right styles and colours, you will not only look fantastic but you will feel confident and amazing.

My gorgeous client Louise wearing the best colour and styles for her

My gorgeous client Louise wearing the best colour and styles for her

Imagine waking up every morning to a wardrobe full of clothes you LOVE to wear. Where the challenge is, choosing from all the amazing clothes you own!!!

I want you to know that it is possible! 

Here are some of the best tips I can share with you to make it happen.

1. Start by de-cluttering your wardrobe. Get rid of all the clothes you haven’t used in the last year.

2. Sort and organise what is left. Make sure you properly store your accessories, shoes and belts so you can SEE them. From my experience, I can tell you most of us don't even know what we own. Or if it fits at the moment. ;)

3. Find all the orphans you have in your wardrobe. (I call orphans all those pieces of clothing that live alone in your wardrobe because they don’t go with anything else you own. You haven’t ever worn them and you are not wearing them anytime soon….)

Find them and make a point of understanding why you haven’t worn them yet. Is it because you don’t have a pair of pants to go with it? Or you don’t have a top to go with it? Does it need to be altered? Make a list of what you might be missing and make a point of going shopping for what you need.

4. Understand what clothes suit your body shape and make sure you stop buying on impulse. Stick to what looks really good on you and don’t get carried away with the price tag, colour or fabric/pattern if it is not your best style. Don’t buy anything you are 100% sure you love at the shop. If you are in doubt when you try it on, more likely you won’t ever get to wear it.

5. Plan your shopping and have a list, don’t leave it for last minute when you have to rush the decision. Stick a piece of paper next to your wardrobe and write down everything you identify as a gap. Do this for 2 weeks. Then go shopping for all the items on the list but only those.

6. When shopping, ask yourself these 5 important questions:

  • Does it fit perfectly?
  • If not, can I alter it? Would I alter it?
  • Does the colour work well for me?
  • Can I dress it up or down?
  • Do I own at least 3 bottoms/tops that will go with it?

I can assure you that if you follow these simple steps you will be able to start creating a wardrobe that works for you. We expect to walk into our wardrobes and find an amazing amount of possibilities and inspiration, however, we have never spent any time planning it. 

It is like going to the supermarket to do some grocery shopping because you have guests for dinner tonight. Going without a list or having checked what ingredients you already have. You will probably come back home with everything but the ingredients you really needed! The same applies to our wardrobe. 

I would love to share with you many more tips on how you can feel and look great on the inside and on the outside. How to create a wardrobe you love and one that helps you feel on top of the world. At the Confident Image Workshop, I share my very unique system and how you can feel re-connected with yourself, the image you want to project and how to create an amazing wardrobe you love.