Hola !

I am so excited to start 'The outfit of the week' series.

How will it work? Once a week I will send you a photo of one of my outfits. I will explain the individual pieces including the accessories.

It will be all about how and why they all work together. Where did I get it from and where did I wear it to.

It will be great inspiration when creating your outfits!


I am in love with this rose gold and grey trend.

I don't really 'care' what is in fashion but love it when I see something new I haven't tried before.

A great excuse to buy a 'couple' of accessories ... As if I needed an excuse... 馃槈

I am wearing a grey top and all the accessories I am wearing are grey and rose gold.

My top is loose and flowy so my pants are fitted. Fitted + loose or loose + fitted is a great combination. Otherwise loose + loose = I look bigger.

I wore this outfit to see a few clients. It is maybe a 7 on my scale of 'dressyness' and it's super comfortable as everything I am wearing is in a stretchy fabric.

Top: Zara. Pants: Saba. Necklace: Kookai. Ring and bracelet: Lovisa

More rose gold and grey accessories:

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Have an amazing week!

Alba xx