Hola !

I came back from Florence on Sunday afternoon. I got sick while I was away making it a little bit more challenging to move around and enjoy this amazing city. I knew something was not OK...

When I returned, it was obvious I was not feeling 'quite right'... I mean inside. I felt flat and even sad with no apparent reason. I don't exactly like feeling like this, but life has taught me there's always lessons to be learnt during interesting times. So I let the emotions come up and allowed myself  to take the 'day off' to reflect.

The day after I went to see this gorgeous woman who helped me clear the confusion. Watch this short video to hear my refelctions. It's very personal and vulnerable, and I am not even wearing make-up... I am allowing myself more and more to be perfectly imperfect ;)

If you want to watch the video I mentioned I did the day before click here

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Sending you lots of love!