I think I have wanted a jumpsuit since I was 15. They come in and out of fashion but every time they are 'in' I have wanted to get one.

The problem: The fit with my pear body shape. (My hips are wider than my torso is). 

Most jumpsuits have huge pockets or elastic waists that just make my hips look huge. Notice this one has pattern below the waist. Pattern makes the area where it is placed look bigger, so on the hanger it did not look appealing to me at all. However I decided to try it on anyway.

To my surprise it's the first ever jumpsuit that has ever looked decent on me.

The first reason why it works: Small pockets, almost invisible. And second: even though it has pattern below the waist, with the potential of enhancing my hips, the top part is the same colour as one of the patterns, so it balances the effect. 

I still added a necklace to create a high balance focal point and take a bit of attention away from the bottom part.

My shoes are a neutral colour with the intention of not creating more low focal points. 

I wore this outfit to a hens night, dinner with friends and birthday parties.

Jumpsuit: No idea, unfortunately. Necklace: Colette. Cuff: Sportsgirl. Shoes: COL

* (COL) means they are a Colombian brand ;)