If there is something I have learnt through my own experience and the experience of working with my gorgeous clients it is the importance of making ME the most important person in my life.

I don't mean it in a selfish way where no one else matters, but in the way in which I understand that if I am not taking great care of me then how am I expected to take care of others, or my business. 

As women we are great givers, everyone and everything comes before us. But like on a plane, you need to put the oxygen mask on you before you can help others ;)

It wasn't that long ago that I hadn't even realised the importance of this... no wonder my life wasn't going the way I wanted. With me putting everyone else before me I had forgotten who I was completely.

In this video I am sharing a bit of my story and journey on making myself the most important person in my life and how that led me to find my purpose in life. Also why I am not the person for you if all you are looking for is for someone to take you shopping ;)

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Have an amazing weekend! And see you on Monday for the outfit of the week.