Hola !

Here we are, the next instalment of 'The Outfit of the Week' series.

How does it work? Once a week I will send you a photo of one of my outfits. I will explain the individual pieces including the accessories.

It will be all about how and why they all work together. Where did I get it from and where did I wear it to.

It will be a great inspiration when creating your outfits!


I love this long top. I got it in Dubai like a million years ago.

I wear it twice or three times a year but not more because it's very different so people will remember it.

There's a few important things to mention:

1. It is too short to wear on it's own so I always wear it with a fitted skirt or with leggings. Never loose + loose as this will make me look bigger

2. It's already very colourful so I always wear it with black bottoms.

3. It's got a lot of pattern so I don't wear a necklace. Just earrings, yes long! ;)

4. I do add a big cuff on the side that has the grecian sleeve for a more fun look.


I am wearing purple/blue shoes that kind of match the colours of the top. They do not need to match exactly. They just need to be close in colour.

I wore this outfit to run one of my weekend workshops. But have also worn it with leggings to make a presentation to a group of women on a Sunday. 

Top: Some shop in a Dubai shopping centre. Skirt: It's a plain black skirt: Kookai. Earrings: COL. Cuff: Cue. Shoes: COL. 

* (COL) means they are a Colombian brand ;)

Have an amazing week!

Alba xx