Is packing an amazing outfit for a holiday an easy task?

I think it is, but I know it can be overwhelming, especially if you leave it till the last minute ;)

For this Italy trip... (Yes Italy is a country, of course I know that! - sorry about the mistake on last week's email...must have been the excitement ;) I spent at least a few hours preparing well in advance. Why? Because I need to select my outfits and check if there is anything I might need to buy.

So at least 2 weeks in advance I recommend you check:

  • The weather forecast for the place you are visiting - avoid surprises assuming you know what season they are in
  • How many outfits do you need? How many day/nights are you going to be staying
  • Start creating outfits - from head to toe according to the number of days/nights you need
  • Beauty routines you might want to complete before travelling: spray tan, facials, hair, eyelashes, nails, etc..
  • Toiletries: take small containers only
  • From this initial process you will get a clear idea of if you need to buy additional clothes, shoes, toiletries or book any appointments.

    I had a shopping list that looked something like this:

  • Shoes/sandals in a neutral colour comfortable enough to be able to walk in all day in Florence
  • Long black dress
  • Dark/neutral scarf in a warm fabric for the flight
  • Clutch for event on day 1
  • One summer night outfit:  dress or skirt and top
  • Small shampoo, conditioner and tooth paste

It is important that you take only outfits that you feel completely happy with. Top, bottom, shoes and accessories or dress and shoes and accessories. 

Do not pack individual pieces and expect that by some sort of magic they are going to be converted into outfits because... It won't happen.

Yes it will take longer, but YES it will make your life 20 times easier.

I pack 2 or 3 extra outfits, just in case, unless I know I will be clothes shopping.

Shoes take up a LOT of space so make sure you own and pack a few pairs that are versatile and will go with many things.

Above is the photo of my packed bag. I am attending a 4 day training event, I packed 3 outfits for a photo shoot, 4 day and 4 night outfits for sightseeing and going out and about. All under 22 kg! The advantage of taking outfits that are pre-planned! ;)

What is the most challenging part of packing for a trip for you?

Sending you all my love from Florence

Alba xx