Today I want to share with you Louise's story about working together. We met 18 months ago and a couple of weeks ago she sent me this video (click the photo below to view)  that came unexpectedly.

It was so lovely to hear our work together still has a positive impact on her life :) Which is definitely my intention. I am all about helping you start a transformation!

She explains in this short video how she benefited from our work together.

She says things like:

"Shopping is so much easier now, I used to hate it, be indecisive.

Now I know what works and what doesn't and also what's in line with who I am and the impression I want to create with others.

That is a very different way of thinking for me, I used to wear whatever I had, now I am clear about my brand and how I want to be seen.

What was amazing is we worked virtually. She sent me my online portfolio, she sent me my colour swatches and I went shopping with what she recommended for me. I transformed my wardrobe, my style to reflect who I really am. I didn't have the skills and natural ability to see what impact certain things were having. It didn't come naturally to me but with Alba's help I now know how to do it.

She has educated me, given me skills, guidelines, principles and way of thinking  that I carry forward with me to this day. I feel so good within myself. These days I love the way I feel in the clothes I wear and the way I present myself.

I recommend working with Alba if you are looking to create a great personal brand and feel really good within yourself. Thanks!" Louise Taylor

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