Winter has arrived! It is freezing here in Australia. So for 'The outfit of the week' I decided to share a  proper winter outfit I wore last week. 


I must admit I don't wear scarves very often. Must be because I enjoy wearing necklaces so much and they would just cover them up ;)


Truth said I bought this scarf just to go with the boots. The colour of the boots being a bit different would have created a low focal point if I had not balanced it upwith something kind of similar in colour close to my face. The effect of wearing low focal points: they make you look shorter and thanks.

So I bought the boots because I liked them but then never found something in my wardrobe or accessory repertoire that balanced the colour of my boots ;)

So I was shopping with a client and in the corner of my eye I saw this scarf and thought ...ohhh that will work perfectly with my boots. When I finished the shopping trip I came back and bought it. (The dangers of having frequent trips to the shops ;)

Because the scarf has gold details I am wearing gold accessories. That makes the outfit look more harmonious. Also the size of my earrings was determined by the size of the scarf. The earrings needed to fit on top of the scarf otherwise it would have looked too busy.

I wore this outfit to a breakfast with my friends and also to a lunch with friends. It would have been perfect also for a BBQ or to go to the cinema.

Top: Uniqlo. Jeans: Zara. Cardigan: Wayne Cooper. Shoes: Wittner. Scarf: Portmans. Earrings: Zara

Any questions you want answered on the upcoming outfits of the week? Send me an email and I'll be happy to answer them for you.


Have an amazing week


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