I love comfort...sometimes ;) And wearing leggings with dresses is not only comfortable but a super easy way to create an outfit.

I am wearing a dress in wool so it's nice, warm and comfortable. The leggings are a bit fluffy on the inside helping with comfort and warmth as well and the boots have a medium size and thick heel. 

I accessorised it with aqua and gold earrings to add some extra fun.

n the 2 photos above I am sharing a couple more examples of how to pair leggings, boots and dresses. 

The dresses (or long tops) can be fitted, or loose. Or even more structured or dressy like the one on the left. Keep in mind that the more fitted the dress the longer it needs to be. Make sure it covers your whole bum from the back. Leggings are NOT jeans.

The boots can be ankle, mid leg or knee length.

I wore this outfit to a breakfast with my boyfriend on a very relaxed Sunday morning. I am hiding my no make-up face under the glasses. And it was so cold my smile looks a bit fake..haha.. it was freezing! But I was happy ;)

Dress: Jigsaw. Leggings: Intimo. Boots: Wittner. Ring: COL. Sunnies: LeSpecs. Earrings: COL

*COL: Means they are Colombian brand