I know you love wearing a lot of black! ;)  And as much as I am a colour lover I also like my black outfits.

The key to making it fun? Mix different textures and use accessories.

My dress is knitted and has a bit of a horizontal pattern. My leggings are plain black and my boots are leather.

And I added a statement necklace in gold and black. The plainer the colour on the outfit the bolder you can go with the accessories.

I am also adding a bit of colour with my lipstick.

Accessories and make-up are going to be the way to spice up a plain black outfit.

You can wear a necklace or some earrings with some colour or add some colour to your eyes or lips.

I wore this outfit to see clients. And have also worn it to go out for breakfast or lunch. The dress on its own is very, very casual but I can easily dress it up with some heels and the right accessories.

Dress: Witchery, Boots: Wittner, Watch: Michael Kors, Necklace and earrings: Lovisa, Ring: Guess