Today I want to share with you Sabina's story, one of my gorgeous clients.

Sabina is on my WOW NOW Personal Brand coaching program. It is always a joy to see her growing and appreciating the amazing woman she is more and more.

In her words this is how she describes her experience of working together:

Before working with Alba I was feeling frustrated, unhappy with my appearance, unforgiving and critical of myself.

Alba and her WOW NOW program have helped me feel more self-love andcompassion for myself and others as I gain a better understanding of the inner working of my mind and soul. I am now more confident in my decision making skills as I am clear about my values and priorities.

I also feel fabulous in my appearance as Alba helped me reconnect to my style and find the right clothes for me!

The video below was made after we had a make- up and hair session where I was teaching her how to actually have a routine that takes 10 minutes or less, not 2 hours ;)


I truly believe every woman deserves to look and feel amazing every day.  Choosing beautiful outfits and doing something that makes you feel great in the morning is one of  best self-love and self-care practices you can do.

To feeling beautiful!