This photo is part of one my first photoshoots for my business...years ago! But this outfit has great points we can discuss.

Photo credit: New York Consulting

Photo credit: New York Consulting

Let's start with the fact that in theory, someone with a pear shape like me (hips wider than my torso) can look very unbalanced when wearing pattern (which enhances the area where it is worn) on the widest part of the body. For this reason, I only own only 3 or 4  patterned (very carefully picked) bottoms. 

The key here for pear shapes is to wear a top that has one of the colours that is in the pattern. Or like in this case, wear a top that has slimming hemline.

The pattern and the shoes are creating a low focal point (Low focal point makes you look shorter and bigger). But I am balancing it by wearing a necklace in a similar colour to the shoes.

I am also connecting the outfit from top to bottom with the colours, to create a more harmonious finish.

Top: Somewhere in Melbourne. Pants: COL. Shoes: Nine west. Necklace: not sure but was in Australia.

* (COL) means they are a Colombian brand ;)

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PS: I have just launched my NEW online program: Your WOW NOW Factor.

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