I get asked often about how to make black trousers or pants a bit more exciting and fun.

Especially when black trousers can become the go-to every day for work, It's great to learn how to make them more fun.

The easiest way to creating fun outfits with black trousers is by wearing them with tops in colours. 

When you always wear black with black, white, grey or cream... it doesn't take too long for you to start getting bored with your black pants.

So yes! I am trying to get you to wear more colour ;) Tops, blouses, knitted shirts, jackets, you pick what feels better for your lifestyle and personal style.

The top I am wearing is not appropriate for the corporate world as I am showing my shoulders, but If I wear a black jacket I'll be ready to rock.

Notice also the statement necklace. I've said a lot about accessories in the last few OOTW (Outfits of the week) you can check them out here. Colour and accessories can make your outfit amazing.

Go into your wardrobe now and check how many coloured tops, shirts, or blouses you own. Are they dressy enough for work? Could you do with a bit more colour?

Same with accessories, ask yourself, do I have a few pieces I love that will help me dress up my outfits?

Start a shopping list of missing pieces. Then go shopping for what you are missing. Stick to the list please ;)

I wore this to a super quick photo shoot for my website. I have worn it with a jacket to present to a corporate group as well.

Top: Kookai, Pants: Forever New, Necklace: David Jones, Bracelets: Bali.