This is my gorgeous client Denise. She's been my client for a few years now. I've had the pleasure of watching her grow in her professional career during these years.

She was starting a job as a manager and wanted to make sure her wardrobe was designed to project the image she needed for the role. We were going to spend 2 hrs on her wardrobe and 2 hrs shopping and instead we ended up spending 5 hours on her wardrobe!



She couldn't believe how many options to mix and match she already had. It was like shopping in her own wardrobe! 😉

And I have seen this happen many times before. Sometimes we don't even know what we own. Things we thought didn't fit, do fit. When you go through everything there's always the top you find that you didn't remember you had. 

It's also a lot about putting together outfits in a different way as opposed to doing always the same top with the same bottom. It creates a whole new world of possibilities.

So, when are you planning to do a good wardrobe declutter and organisation? Make sure only what works today and makes you feel pretty stays!

It's amazing all the energy that will be freed when you actually do it ;)

Are you ready to walk into your wardrobe and LOVE all the amazing clothes you have? Do you want to rediscover all those lost treasures like Denise?

Imagine feeling reconnected with your true self and learning great tips about style that will help you grow your business. Aligning your image, personality and body language to create impact wherever you go!

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