I love the fact that this dress is so easy to wear. I am wearing red shoes with it, creating a balanced focal point all across my body. You notice the shoes, but you also notice the red across the dress.

The dress has a "V" neckline, the most flattering neckline for everyone. Especially if you want to elongate your torso or make your neck look longer. As a bonus it makes you look taller and slimmer.

The diagonal stripes are slimming as well, especially because they have a high contrast between all the colours

Alba Gomez Image Personal Branding Expert Perth

I bought this dress in Colombia one day when I was shopping with my mum. You should see my family always wanting to check out what I am buying...it wasn't always like that.

I wore this outfit to present one of my half day workshops at Table 78. The photo is at the venue. Obviously, this was in summer, not now in this freezing weather. I know ...some of you in Australia might think this is not cold...it is for me ;)

Dress: COL. Shoes: COL Bought all this on my last visit. We have amazing shopping!

* (COL) means they are a Colombian brand ;)

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