I want you to meet my gorgeous client MJ.

MJ was on my WOW NOW Personal brand coaching program. It was an amazing experience working with her. It was very interesting seeing her resisting spending time on herself.

She contacted me because she wanted us to work together, she agreed and we got everything in place. A few days later she contacted me to say she was not sure she had the time and the money at the moment to go ahead with her coaching program.

I totally understood where she was coming from and we had a very open and sincere chat. She decided she really wanted this for herself, and that for once she was going to put herself at the top of the priority list in her life.

This is how she describes her experience of working together. And her initial comment is super sweet ;)

Alba Gomez Image Consult Perth WA



"I talk highly about Alba Gomez  to my friends and work colleagues. When I saw her page on Facebook and watched her video, I thought, "what are my chances of meeting her in real life? Is she an actress doing this ad?"

She was very confident sending out a message about the importance of being clear about who you really are and what you really want in life - and how that reflects on your success.

The WOW NOW Personal Brand is truly amazing. It's helped me face the challenges I was having in my personal and professional life. I now understand I was being my worst enemy by sabotaging myself and constantly procrastinating.

Alba is caring but firm, she's helped me stay on track with my goals by using different angles and approaches. I now understand a lot about me and how I have been doing things in a way that was not going to contribute to my success.

I am going through a transformation on a different level. I am being the real me, the successful person I've been wanting to be for a long time. I will be forever thankful!"

It's truly beautiful to see how a woman allows herself to shine, to unapologetically go for her goals and dreams. I am blessed to be able to do what I do and I thank each one of you that have allowed me to be part of your journey! 

To many more successes to come!