This week's 'Outfit of the week' is a bit unconventional...because why not have a laugh? :)


Last week I was working from home. I heard someone knocking on the door, and thought: Oh it must be the mail man.

Well..... it WASN'T.

It was one of my gorgeous clients showing up to my home office (due to a misunderstanding on her appointment time and date) ready for her session!!!

I stood for a few seconds looking at her and then looking at myself.

Here I was wearing what you see in the photo. I had a black top on and a necklace. However, I had got back home from seeing a client and decided to change to my super comfortable and excessively cute pyjama bottoms and slippers while I prepared my lunch ;)

Imagine my face of shock...not to mention hers... which she was so polite and adorable not to show. She was happy to see me, even in my pyjamas. We discussed the misunderstanding, we laughed, we hugged and off she went to have some coffee by the beach now that she had driven all the way to me.

On the other hand...I was in shock for about 10 minutes...feeling so bad for the misunderstanding about time and date and obviously laughing about my outfit. Then I decided to share the events of the day on Facebook. It wasn't long until one of my gracious friends posted this : Alba I would love to see your commentary if this was your outfit of the week - How the shape of the pizza elongates the leg, the feature of your slippers draws the eye down... haha...

So here it is the outfit of this week. Where the pattern of my bottoms clashes beautifully with the hearts in the sleepers creating a very funny and different outfit of the week.

Hope you laughed with me or at me ;)