As you know I am a fan of wearing jeans and dressing them up a bit.

You can look stylish and well put together in jeans. You can be wearing casual, comfortable outfits and still look good.

The key to doing that? It's how you put the outfit together.

By wearing a little bit of a heel, a nicer top than just a t-shirt and some accessories, you have a great looking outfit.

Remember accessories have the ability to dress up or down your outfits in a second.

Metal or accessories with stones generally speaking can be a bit more dressy.

Also, the size is important, even if they are gold if they are very fine they won't dress up your outfits very much. Plastic or earthy looking accessories are much more casual.

In the above picture notice the boots create a low focal point, so I am balancing it up with the necklace. The necklace has some colour that is similar to the boots connecting both items and making the outfit look more finished.

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I wore this outfit to see clients. I have also worn it to visit friends and to go to the cinema.

Top: Portmans, Jeans: Zara, Boots: Wittner, Necklace: Colombia