Growing up I struggled with very low self-confidence and self-image. I was made fun of at school because of my funny looks. I was full of fears and felt I didn't fit into society.

I was 15 years old when I discovered an amazing tool that helped me with my self-confidence: Clothes and make-up! It was as if once I put on my make-up and picked a great outfit, I was instantly more confident.


Yes that is me on the left, not just looking 'funny' but with a face that shows the pain of feeling out of place.

As time went on, I reached the point where I felt I had ‘mastered’ the external component of my image. However there was still a big disconnect with my self-confidence.

I learnt I had to first connect to my essence and fully love who I was on the inside, before looking at the outer image. That's when I felt I had found something I was very passionate about and I wanted to share it with others. This is what my work is all about. Feeling beautiful from the inside out. Loving who you are today and from that place creating an image that is uniquely you and the best representation of who you truly are.

Being stylish and looking good has nothing to do with your weight, height or how white your teeth are. You can look your best today, it just takes a decision... The decision to take action NOW!

I have created the Effortless Stylish Woman Challenge for you. During this 5-day FREE challenge, I will be sharing with you my top tips on how to let the REAL you out and match that with an amazing style that is effortless. 
The challenge starts next week. Make sure you join me and invite all your friends.

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I can't wait to get started next Monday!

Lots of love