Welcome to this week's outfit of the week! 

Today, we are going to explore Dresses! I am going to share how to dress them up and down for a variety of looks.


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Now, back to OOTW. Dresses are one of my favourite and most worn items in my wardrobe! They are such an easy option, especially during summer. But even during winter I just put on a pair of leggings and a pair of boots and I am ready!

Right now, in the southern hemisphere, we are in the middle of summer, so let's talk about that. Dresses are a fantastic way to put an outfit together in an instant. Anything from super casual to very dressy is easy to achieve when wearing dresses.

In the photo below I am wearing a $30 dress I was given by a friend. She had one and she knew how much I loved it so she got me one too. I love the fact that I can easily dress it up or down by just changing the shoes and the accessories. 

In the photo on the left I have flat sandals and just a pair of medium sized earrings on, on the right I am wearing a high wedge and gold accessories. The photo doesn't do justice to the difference these little changes actually make to the dress. But believe me, it's like a completely different outfit and suitable for a much dressier occasion. 

Carefully chosen accessories can always transform any outfit and switch an outfit from casual to more formal with very little effort. It's one of the reasons I probably have more accessories than clothes.

Some guidelines to remember:

The more loose fitting the dress is, the more casual it will be. If the fabric is stiff and thick it can make you look bigger so that is something to consider when choosing the right dress for your body shape.

Dresses that are more semi-fitted, those closer to the shape of your body, will be more dressy. As a general rule, you will also appear slimmer with a semi-fitted style.

When you are considering colours - solid colours will generally make the outfit more dressy. Darker colours also appear dressier.

So the opposite is also true as well - the busier the pattern and the brighter the colours, the more casual the outfit will look.

Hem length is another important consideration. Knee length dresses are great for everyone. Ankle length is the length that can make you look shorter, so be careful if you are short.

Now it's your turn to head over to your wardrobe! Do you have dresses? Have a look and see if they the right length for you. Do the styles you own work for your life style? Start a shopping list of the dresses that you would like to have in your wardrobe.

Have fun and an amazing week!

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