Welcome to 'The outfit of the week' (OOTW). 

If you joined me for the Challenge last week, you will know my usual feelings on flowers... I am generally a much more a dramatic dresser: bold and bright colours with statement accessories. A dress with flowers is not exactly me. However there is this part of me that totally conflicts with my drama and comes out here and there: a more feminine and flowery version of me. 

Let's get into this outfit. It is a wrap dress, a style that suits all body types. It is dark in colour with medium repetitive pattern.

During the challenge, I also talked about scale, the core idea is - you will look better with patterns and accessories that are in line with your bone structure.

Flowers generally create a more soft and feminine look. Be aware of this when you are wanting to command authority or attending a meeting where you need to be seen as the expert. Nothing wrong with dresses with flowers at all. It just depends on the occasion.

My shoes! I love these shoes and almost never get to wear them. However this dress was the perfect excuse to add a bit of drama and pick up the colour of the flowers. They are bright purple- the photo doesn't give justice to how bright they are ;)

I wore this dress to a soiree. I haven't really worn it much since then. 2 reasons for that: I do not always feel like wearing flowers. It just got summery in Perth and I find it a bit dressy for my lifestyle at the moment. In saying that I could easily dress it down if I wear it with a pair of silver flats for an afternoon bbq. 

I am wearing: Dress: Somewhere on the internet..it was under $100. Shoes: Wayne Cooper, Earrings and bracelets: Swarovski. 

Do you have any questions about today's OOTW or have an outfit you would like me to talk about? Hit reply and let me know.

The Effortlessly Stylish Woman WEBINAR was so much fun. The feedback was awesome! You don't want to miss this hour full of insightful information and powerful tools that you can implement right away into your day to day life. You can watch the replay here

Have a fantastic week!!