When I first met my gorgeous client Kate, I remember thinking what a beautiful woman. 

We spoke a few times on the phone and I could hear that fierceness in her voice. However, the impression she created in person was of a very shy woman.

On our conversations, when I asked her about her goals, she mentioned to me how she wanted to move forward in her career as a Marketing manager. She wanted to be seen as confident, knowledgeable, intelligent engaging and credible. She wanted to be able to speak with confidence and stop second guessing herself and holding back for fear of appearing silly.

As much as the thought of this 'picture' sounded exciting to her, she never thought this could be her reality. She had become an expert at dismissing her dreams and a professional at blending in. Her presence and her way of dressing were plain, as she would describe them. Maybe if I do that, people won't notice me...

I also remember when she told me that she had never worn accessories because they were not her, and that as far as she can remember she had always worn just a pair of pearl studs. When we first spoke,  she was seriously considering resigning her job. She was very unhappy, she was finding it difficult to handle the responsibilities her role demanded, she was struggling to balance her time and was working super long days. She even started to doubt her professional abilities compared to others in her department.

Let’s move forward in time, Kate decided to make herself priority #1 in her life. She decided to invest some time in her...ohh what a treat! Yes, she felt a bit guilty to start with.. At the beginning the idea was challenging because she thought how can I possibly fit one more thing in my life?

However, she decided to take 'the risk' and do it. She decided to step up and within a day of her decision she started feeling so much more confident within herself. She got to know herself better, connect more to her desires and how she wanted to be perceived. She learnt about her body shape and was able to fully understand what styles and colours were perfect for her unique body shape and personality. She learnt about how to make the most out of her presence and approach a conversation with confidence. She was finally able to see that beautiful amazing and intelligent woman I saw the first time I met her.

Today, Kate has created a very unique image for herself (That includes bold accessories ;) and make-up!

She now stands with confidence and is seen as the leader in her industry as she once dreamt about. She stayed at her job, but not only that, she was promoted to her dream job. She has now a real supporting team that allows her to do her job in a more meaningful way. She has been able to manage her time better and balance her professional and personal life.

In her words: "Alba is so warm and engaging. As soon as I started working with Alba I changed the way I presented myself and how I felt about myself. I did the work Alba set out and made time for myself. I was open, honest and accountable and it led to real change in how I felt, acted and what I achieved. My confidence went sky high and I achieved some amazing results in my career that I wouldn't have had the confidence to tackle without Alba's guidance and support. I have caught myself looking in the mirror and wondering where did this stylish woman come from. Thank you Alba you have helped me a great deal and I will forever be grateful!"

This is possible for you too!

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