My business turned 8 years old this week! I can not believe it! I have gone through so much in this time. I must say I am pretty proud of my commitment to growth and happiness. 

It has not come easy... on the contrary it's often been the opposite. But with persistence everything is possible ;)


I want to thank you for being part of my community.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart <3

Thanks to all of you I have met, had the pleasure to work with or even had just a short conversation over email with.

I love you ALL even when I haven't met you.

I celebrated by looking at some of the stories of people who I have worked with. I came across a recording I had from Jackie and Nicole (mum and daughter), which I wanted to share with you because I love it!

A couple of months after attending my weekend workshop, they wanted to come to see me in person and show me the results of their transformation. Both of them had lost weight, had new hairstyles and most importantly, they were feeling proud of who they are.

Jackie said to me “These days I wake up and start my days feeling great, with purpose, having fun with makeup, clothes and with my clients”.

She shared how confident she felt when she was surprise interviewed by the local newspaper. “I looked good and felt so confident, whereas before I would have run away and hidden” 

Nicole told me "I have changed my mindset to change my reality.  I feel more confident, and now I am happy to say what I am thinking instead of keeping my opinions to myself. Even if you put me in a convention center I would be able to speak. I have lost weight and I keep getting compliments about how good I look”


This story doesn’t end here. Nicole and Jackie have not only transformed themselves but have been sharing what they have learnt about confidence, image and femininity with the little granddaughter. Both mum and daughter have seen the positive effect their change in attitude has had in her. PRICELESS!

Seeing results like this from my clients, gives me great joy and the drive to inspire more women to fall in love with themselves, and live life with passion. 

So thanks again! Because of you, I get to wake up every morning and do something that has great meaning to me and that I love! 

Alba xx

P.S:  If you are in Perth, or want to come and visit me ;)  I would like to extend a super special invitation to spend 2 days just on you at my very last weekend workshop. Join me in a safe environment, surrounded by a small group of like-minded women. Be guided by me on how to create your WOW NOW Image and Personal Brand.

The weekend workshop takes you on an exciting, results-oriented journey towards life-changing empowerment, showing you how to effectively communicate your true value to the world. This will directly have an impact on your confidence and your income.

There will never be a right time. Stop putting everything and everyone else before you. The time is NOW! I believe in your potential for greatness and I invite you to stop delaying making the decision that can transform your life. 

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